Fab Feb 15 (Best of the Blogs)


1. Bat For Lashes – Daniel

If you don’t know know ya know: Bat For Lashes are this year’s Feist and Lykke Li. Singer Natasha Khan’s voice is more Sarah McLachlan with shades of Bjork though, and that’s part of the reason for all the fuss. The album Two Suns has universal appeal.

2. Desire – Under Your Spell / Mirror Mirror

These are demos apparently, and you can tell with some big production sheen these could be classic.

3. Little Boots – New in Town (The Golden Filter mix)

Best Little Boots remix ever? Conjures up emotions of that 80’s electronic sky, yeah…

4. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (a.Rogue Element rmx)  + (b. Dances with White Girls rmx)

Combine these two  for the ultimate ‘No You Girls’ remix experience!

5. Snoop Dogg – Pump Pump (Aniki edit)

Gangsta rap makes me wanna shoop and I like this Snoop track more than ever.

6. Dre Skull – Gone Too Far (Baraka Som Sistema Remix)

Philip Glass style chords give way too som dizzy electro beats with ragga vocal stylings by Sizzla.

7. TI – Whatever You Like (Discotech rmx)

Download everything by Discotech if you DJ and your crowds will thank you.

8. Tim Exile – Family Galaxy 

This is the track with the video below that goes from about 65 bpm to 195 bpm in the span of 5 minutes. Tim Exile’s new album is stunningly creative.

9. the Amplid – Geography (Xenobi remix)

Hi-nrg disco roller. Wooo!

10. Cellophane – Music Colors (pt. 3)

Real italo-disco from 1984. You could throw this in a mix and people would think you’re a DJ pirate with a wealth of booty.

11. Dusty Kid – Lynchesque

Ok, so I’m partial to all things Lynch, but I had this blaring at a drive-thru the other day, and the lady looked at me like I crawled out of a meteor.

12. Don Diablo – Too Cool for School (Trevor Loveys vs. In Flagranti Rmx)

B-more beats that brings fun back to the dancefloor.

13. Foreigner – Urgent (Myrone Aiden rmx)

If you’re looking for a slightly more danceable version of this essential tune then here ya go.

14. U2 – Sexy Boots (Justice remix)

Justice meets U2 and the results are predictably simmering.

15. The Glimmers – Galactic Prism

This is  a glue track in the mix does exactly what its awesome title suggests.


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