Twenty To Kickstart Your Summer — May’s Best of the Blogs

(Video to the #1 song on the chart. The last 30 seconds are kinda frightening for such an elegiac song.) Indie-rock rules this time around. There should be a little for everybody’s taste so check out the descriptions and enjoy that suntan.

1. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Bliss. The indie song that captures your future gorgeous day. Can’t wait to hear this sophomore album.

2. Midlake – Roscoe

This sounds like a great, lost easy-rock song from the 70’s with a singer alot like Thom Yorke. The band is actually from Denton, TX.

3. Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

Passion Pit’s best song yet. It proves this band has too much depth to be a one-hit wonder.

4. The xx – Crystalised

Sorta like a cross between Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star. The xx have exploded upon the blog scene.

5. Alex Metric – Head Straight (Radio edit)

A scintillating electro-pop song that would have gotten US radio play in the 80s.

6. Autokratz – Always More

Ditto for this electro-pop gem. The lyrics aren’t as good as Metric’s, but I like the music better.

7. Crookers – Gypsy P

Crookers hijacks some Russian-polka? festivities into 2009 dancefloor/carseat entertainment.

8. Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Spor remix)

Spor absolutely chews you up and spits you out in this drum n’ bass banger. Mosh-dancing ensues.

9. Airys – Vedo in Te (TiTAN un figo Remix)

 TiTAN gives an incredible disco with sax rubdown to Italian electro-poppers the Airys. John Travolta would be proud.

10. Kolombo – LOL (Kolombo Remix)

I’d bet alot of $$$ that this is already blowing up Ibiza as I write this. It ingeneously uses laughter as a type of melody and the breakdowns are truly a hoot.

11. Siriusmo – High Together

Siriusmo continues to stay in the laserlight with this unconventional and spacy electro with a kid doing vocals.

12. Wolf Gang – Lions in Cages

Great arty indie-pop for fans of Passion Pit or My Arcade Fire. Love the bells.

13. Classixx – I’ll Get You feat. Jeppe (Royal Rumble Edit)

Glossy electro for Vegas pool parties, but it works everywhere else too.

14. Heartbreak – We’re Back (Vitalic mix)

Vitalic brings his Eastern Europe techno stylings to these male swooners. File under electro-kraut wave. 

15. Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer

A perfect title for this detuned electro-pop song for that goofy ride to the beach.

16. Peaches – Mommy Complex (Barletta and Ernold Sane Remix)

Super-hot electro-beats that you can practice your breakdancing too.

17. The Kickdrums – When I Come Down

Sounds like a great lost song by Beck. Actually this band is from Ohio and have produced for the likes of 50 Cent and Chamillionaire. 

18. Rusko – Biggest Chopper

This may not sound like much on your computer speakers, but on some big speakers this will make some dub-steppers go crazy.

19. Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Mix)

Everything Punks Jump Up remix turns to gold, and this certainly is the best mix of this indie-electro song.

20. Bounce Camp – Good Beat

A good b-more beat that will make you want to go to Bounce Camp. Fans of ‘Day N’ Nite’ take heed.


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