20 Feral Little Beasties! Last Best of Blogs of ’09!

     O. Children singer Tobias                                                   Lite Brite

I’m sorry baby, I know it’s one in the morning and I’ve had a few drinks and I haven’t blogged you in a month or two, but I’m going to make it up to you–especially with my Best of 2009 lists at the end of the year. In the meantime enjoy this massive collection of essential-ness:

1. XX vs. Tupac vs. BiggieRunnin with the xx 

(It band of August xx is the backdrop for a Biggie and Tupac ballad that fuses East and West coast for eternity.)

2. O. ChildrenDead Disco Dancer

(The influence of Ian Curtis and Nick Cave languor over this gothic-rock dancer.)

3. Cougar Rhinelander

(Gregorian chants over new wave rock–I kid you not. Keep a third eye on this band.)

4. Das GlowLite Brite (Strip Steve mix)

(Lite Brite rocked! And so does this Daft Punk-esque melter.)

5. DovesBrazil (Aeroplane mix)

(Aeroplane have been remixing the stuffing out of everybody lately to good effect, but combine them with Doves and you get liquid nitrogen!)

6. Wendy Carlos Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes remix)

(Really? It’s taken this long for a good remix of these seminal synths?)

7. Basia BulatGold Rush

(If you like: rowsing folk and traditional music with resplendent vocals by a blonde lark)

8. VitalicBluesday Tuesday

(This epic track is a B-side that might be better than most of the tracks on the new Vitalic album.)

9. Fever Ray Seven (Martyn remix)

(If you like: Burial, downtempo at highspeed, intelligent dubstep w/ The Knife singer)

10. Creedence Clearwater Revival Down on the Corner (Emynd Edit)

(Yes, that just happened. You just mixed this song at a party and people had the time of their life.)

11. MirrorsOrgan Song

(If you like: The Cure)

12. Gold PandaQuitters Raga

(Middle-eastern hip-hop psychedelica for fans of Animal Collective.)

13. Foreign Beggars w/NoisiaContact

(Noisia is messing with the future again, this time with the urban sound. Don’t miss the ultra dn’b jump-up remix of Eurthymics’ “Sweet Dreams’ at the same link.)

14. Blue Foundation Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead remix)

(Beautiful song devolves into some heavy doomsday bass. This will make some swoon.)

15. Fan Death Cannibal

(Disco is alive and well in the hands of these ladies.)

16. SavoyRhubarb

(Technicolour electro for fans of Justice.)

17. Radiohead Reckoner (The Twelves mix/cover)

(The Twelves can seemingly do no wrong.)

18. Bear in HeavenLovesick Teenagers

(This track grows on you like slow moss. On the first listen you too will probably dismiss it.)

19. Parov StelarCatgroove

(A famous jazz sample is used to hypnotic effect.)

20. Miami Horror Sometimes

(Everybody has blogged about this electro pop song, so ‘if you don’t know, know ya ___’.)

Fan Death's Cannibal. Don't miss the creepy ending!!

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