Best Movies of the Decade

This doesn’t include horror and ’09 films which will be listed later. I’m abstaining from any long-winded rationale. Opinions?

10. Volver

9. Battle Royale

8. Azumi

7. The Hours

6. Napoleon Dynamite

5. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, And…Spring

4.The Best of Youth (La Meglio Gioventu)

3. Spirited Away

2. In America

1. Mulholland Drive

Oh yeah, and some docs:

5. King of Kong   4. Sicko   3. Rape of Europa   2. The Bridge    1. Capturing the Friedmans  


7 Responses to “Best Movies of the Decade”

  1. Robert Edsel Says:

    Want to learn more about the heroes of Rape of Europa?

    The Monuments Men

    If you like the The Morning Joe Show video clip with Doris Kearns Goodwin discussing The Monuments Men (, check these out!

    The Greatest Heroine of WWII, Rose Valland –

    Passing the Torch: Touching video clip of Robert M. Edsel discussing his last conversation with Lane S. Faison. –

    Robert M. Edsel discussing the amazing story of one of nine living Monuments Men, German born Harry Ettlinger. –

    Book Page writes, “an account that moves like a Hollywood action adventure…there are heroes to root for, villains to hiss at and an increasingly pressing race against time…Whether you’re a fan of art, military history or stories of real-life heroes, The Monuments Men is a treasure worth the hunt”. I hope your blog will profile these great heroes of civilization and share their story with your readers and supporters.

    Thank You,

    Robert M. Edsel

    • jeredunn Says:

      Wow! Thank you. I’ll check those out soon. For some reason your comment went directly to spam, so I’m glad I checked my spam folder.

  2. Adam Says:

    not sure what to think about these, since I have not seen them all. I totally diagree wtih Volver.

  3. Adam Says:

    How can you not have Pan’s Labyrinth, Lord of the rings (return of the king), or Dark Night, How bout Crouching tiger???

    • jeredunn Says:

      Dark Knight is a good action film, but it ends there for me. And I was going to have Crouching Tiger and decided to put Azumi there instead. Same sort of film, but Azumi is a bit more bloody and less well known. So I am guilty of trying to be different. I think most people would agree with you.

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