Best Horror Movies of 2009

I must include the 2010 releases since I saw them this year, but consider them recommended.

The ChildrenDrag Me to HellPontypoolBad BiologyThirst

10. The Children

9. Drag Me To Hell

8. Pontypool

7. Bad Biology

6. 4Bia (Phobia) – Sorry Trick r’ Treat, but this anthology has more original and unique stories.

5. Thirst – Move over New Moon. Wook-Park is your master.


4. The Revenant – This film seems to be still without distribution and could make beaucoup box-office $$ if marketed right.

3. Doghouse – Studios missed out again on this British zombie-comedy that almost eclipses Shaun of the Dead.

2. Rec 2 – My analogy is that this is what Aliens was to Alien. Now you’ve been improperly hyped.


1. Zombieland – If a character doesn’t “double-tap” in future horror movies, they will now be flawed. This won’t keep you awake at night, but it is a very re-watchable comic thrill ride with Harrelson in Natural Born Killers mode.


4 Responses to “Best Horror Movies of 2009”

  1. Indie Genius Says:

    Nice review list. I haven’t checked out THE CHILDREN yet, but I’ve seen it popping up on several lists so definitely have to now.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. jeredunn Says:

    Anytime. My friends actually like The Children more than me. Interesting site btw; love the lorem ipsum.

  3. Hubert Says:

    I agree zombieland is the best. Makes you think we need some more genuinely terrifying horror movies though.

    • jeredunn Says:

      Agreed. I think directors are going for the more shocking and disturbing route (Serbian Film, Human Centipede), but not terrifying. Awesome site btw.

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