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20 Feral Little Beasties! Last Best of Blogs of ’09!

November 23, 2009

     O. Children singer Tobias                                                   Lite Brite

I’m sorry baby, I know it’s one in the morning and I’ve had a few drinks and I haven’t blogged you in a month or two, but I’m going to make it up to you–especially with my Best of 2009 lists at the end of the year. In the meantime enjoy this massive collection of essential-ness:

1. XX vs. Tupac vs. BiggieRunnin with the xx 

(It band of August xx is the backdrop for a Biggie and Tupac ballad that fuses East and West coast for eternity.)

2. O. ChildrenDead Disco Dancer

(The influence of Ian Curtis and Nick Cave languor over this gothic-rock dancer.)

3. Cougar Rhinelander

(Gregorian chants over new wave rock–I kid you not. Keep a third eye on this band.)

4. Das GlowLite Brite (Strip Steve mix)

(Lite Brite rocked! And so does this Daft Punk-esque melter.)

5. DovesBrazil (Aeroplane mix)

(Aeroplane have been remixing the stuffing out of everybody lately to good effect, but combine them with Doves and you get liquid nitrogen!)

6. Wendy Carlos Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes remix)

(Really? It’s taken this long for a good remix of these seminal synths?)

7. Basia BulatGold Rush

(If you like: rowsing folk and traditional music with resplendent vocals by a blonde lark)

8. VitalicBluesday Tuesday

(This epic track is a B-side that might be better than most of the tracks on the new Vitalic album.)

9. Fever Ray Seven (Martyn remix)

(If you like: Burial, downtempo at highspeed, intelligent dubstep w/ The Knife singer)

10. Creedence Clearwater Revival Down on the Corner (Emynd Edit)

(Yes, that just happened. You just mixed this song at a party and people had the time of their life.)

11. MirrorsOrgan Song

(If you like: The Cure)

12. Gold PandaQuitters Raga

(Middle-eastern hip-hop psychedelica for fans of Animal Collective.)

13. Foreign Beggars w/NoisiaContact

(Noisia is messing with the future again, this time with the urban sound. Don’t miss the ultra dn’b jump-up remix of Eurthymics’ “Sweet Dreams’ at the same link.)

14. Blue Foundation Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead remix)

(Beautiful song devolves into some heavy doomsday bass. This will make some swoon.)

15. Fan Death Cannibal

(Disco is alive and well in the hands of these ladies.)

16. SavoyRhubarb

(Technicolour electro for fans of Justice.)

17. Radiohead Reckoner (The Twelves mix/cover)

(The Twelves can seemingly do no wrong.)

18. Bear in HeavenLovesick Teenagers

(This track grows on you like slow moss. On the first listen you too will probably dismiss it.)

19. Parov StelarCatgroove

(A famous jazz sample is used to hypnotic effect.)

20. Miami Horror Sometimes

(Everybody has blogged about this electro pop song, so ‘if you don’t know, know ya ___’.)

Fan Death's Cannibal. Don't miss the creepy ending!!

Ouroborous Summer – Best of the Blogs – yum!

August 18, 2009


Dudes and dudettes, if you know any rain men please send them to Austin. I’m sick and tired of watering my yard to no effect. And I’m not talking special needs math wizards.

1. Howling Bells – Nightingale (Limited Time only)
This song is about to be played by radio stations around the world as it is tremendous. Off their sophomore album that boasts a couple other great songs.

2. Major Lazer – Keep it Goin’ Louder
This is also about to invade urban radio stations everywhere.

3. Clark – Talis
Perhaps the most exciting electronic musician working today returns with another album, Totems Flare. This isn’t the best song, but the album as a whole is groundbreaking artistry.

4. Julian Plenti – Only If You Run / Skyscraper
Interpol’s frontman goes solo and the results are astonishing.

5. Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine (Radio Edit)
Boy 8-Bit is maturing out of strictly party music as this sounds exactly as the title suggests.

6. VillA – Agneta
If you like Studio or Balearic this is for you.

7. One for the Team – Garden
Indie-rock gem that will worm its way into your head with its beautifully catchy two choruses. See below.

8. Friendly Fires – Paris (Computer Club’s Aeroplane vs. Au Revoir Simone)
Perfect summer dance jam that gets the girls dancing.

9. Flying Lotus – LTWRMX
Flying Lotus’s newest album is trying to capture those displaced DJ Shadow fans.

10. Vega – No Reasons
Austinite captures some disco magic with good vocals.

11. Wehbba – Cava
A cockroach shuffles under a radiation beam. And you dance to it.

12. IV – Alaska
80’s synths and 10’s beats.

13. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Lionheart remix)
A remix for me has to be equal or better than the original. Florence is following in Bat For Lashes’ footsteps.

14. Renaissance Man – Aloha
More masterful minimal techno.

15. Karton – Phoenix
Electro-breaks confection.

July’s 15 Poppers (Best of the Blogs Lazy Summer Edition)

July 6, 2009


“Summer lovin’ happened so fast.” I really hope you are having a CRAZY summer. Feel free to leave stories below. But in the meantime, I’ve managed to focus long enough to bring the best of the best music downloads. Really, I trashed hundreds and hundreds of files to get to this batch. I feel like I’m broadcasting into space, but you are there.

1a. Memory Tapes – Bicycle
Memory Cassette + Weird Tapes = Memory Tapes. Weird Tapes have cracked #1 here before and Memory Cassette lands both top spaces this time. Downtempo pop brilliance.
1b. Memory Cassette – Last One Awake (Friend version)
Two words: steel drums. Lovely beach music.

2. Free Energy – Dream City
An indestructible and charming rock tune.

3. The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki – Warp (Virgin Cavalier mix)
Here beggineth the bangers. If you don’t want to lose your mind on the dancefloor then skip to #7.

4. Zombie Nation – Shottieville (Proxy Remix)
Banger #2.

5. Armand Van Helden and Dizze Rascal – Bonkers (Doorly remix)
Banger #3

6. Felix Cartal – Skeleton (John Roman mix)
Banger #4.

7. Ace Hood – Loco Wit’ the Cake
The funnest rap song of the summer.

8. Chalie Boy – I Look Good
ATX Represent! Austin rapper will have you singing this in public while people think how arrogant you are.

9. Beastie Boys vs. Primal Scream – Check it Out vs. Loaded
Great mash-up that would turn heads as an opener.

10. Zoot Woman – Saturation
The album is apparently so close and this is just hot and sexy.

11. DJ Loveboat feat. Fab Marq – Oh the Bass!
Hot and sexy #2.

12. Simian Mobile Disco – Off the Map feat. Jamie Lidell
Jamie helps SMD craft their best tune yet.

13. Telepathe – Chrome’s On It (Gold Panda version)
Gold Panda have made this song new again and it’s irresistable.

14. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Radio Edit)
Radio and club friendly version that screams 80’s out of every orifice.

15. Milke – Maybe I’m Crazy (Joe and Will Ask Remix)
Infectious and melodic progressive house.

16. Bag Raiders – Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)

Twenty To Kickstart Your Summer — May’s Best of the Blogs

May 26, 2009

(Video to the #1 song on the chart. The last 30 seconds are kinda frightening for such an elegiac song.) Indie-rock rules this time around. There should be a little for everybody’s taste so check out the descriptions and enjoy that suntan.

1. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Bliss. The indie song that captures your future gorgeous day. Can’t wait to hear this sophomore album.

2. Midlake – Roscoe

This sounds like a great, lost easy-rock song from the 70’s with a singer alot like Thom Yorke. The band is actually from Denton, TX.

3. Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

Passion Pit’s best song yet. It proves this band has too much depth to be a one-hit wonder.

4. The xx – Crystalised

Sorta like a cross between Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star. The xx have exploded upon the blog scene.

5. Alex Metric – Head Straight (Radio edit)

A scintillating electro-pop song that would have gotten US radio play in the 80s.

6. Autokratz – Always More

Ditto for this electro-pop gem. The lyrics aren’t as good as Metric’s, but I like the music better.

7. Crookers – Gypsy P

Crookers hijacks some Russian-polka? festivities into 2009 dancefloor/carseat entertainment.

8. Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Spor remix)

Spor absolutely chews you up and spits you out in this drum n’ bass banger. Mosh-dancing ensues.

9. Airys – Vedo in Te (TiTAN un figo Remix)

 TiTAN gives an incredible disco with sax rubdown to Italian electro-poppers the Airys. John Travolta would be proud.

10. Kolombo – LOL (Kolombo Remix)

I’d bet alot of $$$ that this is already blowing up Ibiza as I write this. It ingeneously uses laughter as a type of melody and the breakdowns are truly a hoot.

11. Siriusmo – High Together

Siriusmo continues to stay in the laserlight with this unconventional and spacy electro with a kid doing vocals.

12. Wolf Gang – Lions in Cages

Great arty indie-pop for fans of Passion Pit or My Arcade Fire. Love the bells.

13. Classixx – I’ll Get You feat. Jeppe (Royal Rumble Edit)

Glossy electro for Vegas pool parties, but it works everywhere else too.

14. Heartbreak – We’re Back (Vitalic mix)

Vitalic brings his Eastern Europe techno stylings to these male swooners. File under electro-kraut wave. 

15. Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer

A perfect title for this detuned electro-pop song for that goofy ride to the beach.

16. Peaches – Mommy Complex (Barletta and Ernold Sane Remix)

Super-hot electro-beats that you can practice your breakdancing too.

17. The Kickdrums – When I Come Down

Sounds like a great lost song by Beck. Actually this band is from Ohio and have produced for the likes of 50 Cent and Chamillionaire. 

18. Rusko – Biggest Chopper

This may not sound like much on your computer speakers, but on some big speakers this will make some dub-steppers go crazy.

19. Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Mix)

Everything Punks Jump Up remix turns to gold, and this certainly is the best mix of this indie-electro song.

20. Bounce Camp – Good Beat

A good b-more beat that will make you want to go to Bounce Camp. Fans of ‘Day N’ Nite’ take heed.

Fab Feb 15 (Best of the Blogs)

April 21, 2009


1. Bat For Lashes – Daniel

If you don’t know know ya know: Bat For Lashes are this year’s Feist and Lykke Li. Singer Natasha Khan’s voice is more Sarah McLachlan with shades of Bjork though, and that’s part of the reason for all the fuss. The album Two Suns has universal appeal.

2. Desire – Under Your Spell / Mirror Mirror

These are demos apparently, and you can tell with some big production sheen these could be classic.

3. Little Boots – New in Town (The Golden Filter mix)

Best Little Boots remix ever? Conjures up emotions of that 80’s electronic sky, yeah…

4. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (a.Rogue Element rmx)  + (b. Dances with White Girls rmx)

Combine these two  for the ultimate ‘No You Girls’ remix experience!

5. Snoop Dogg – Pump Pump (Aniki edit)

Gangsta rap makes me wanna shoop and I like this Snoop track more than ever.

6. Dre Skull – Gone Too Far (Baraka Som Sistema Remix)

Philip Glass style chords give way too som dizzy electro beats with ragga vocal stylings by Sizzla.

7. TI – Whatever You Like (Discotech rmx)

Download everything by Discotech if you DJ and your crowds will thank you.

8. Tim Exile – Family Galaxy 

This is the track with the video below that goes from about 65 bpm to 195 bpm in the span of 5 minutes. Tim Exile’s new album is stunningly creative.

9. the Amplid – Geography (Xenobi remix)

Hi-nrg disco roller. Wooo!

10. Cellophane – Music Colors (pt. 3)

Real italo-disco from 1984. You could throw this in a mix and people would think you’re a DJ pirate with a wealth of booty.

11. Dusty Kid – Lynchesque

Ok, so I’m partial to all things Lynch, but I had this blaring at a drive-thru the other day, and the lady looked at me like I crawled out of a meteor.

12. Don Diablo – Too Cool for School (Trevor Loveys vs. In Flagranti Rmx)

B-more beats that brings fun back to the dancefloor.

13. Foreigner – Urgent (Myrone Aiden rmx)

If you’re looking for a slightly more danceable version of this essential tune then here ya go.

14. U2 – Sexy Boots (Justice remix)

Justice meets U2 and the results are predictably simmering.

15. The Glimmers – Galactic Prism

This is  a glue track in the mix does exactly what its awesome title suggests.

March Madness: Best of the Blogs Music Chart

March 14, 2009

1. Phoenix – 1901

The new Phoenix album looks to be a cracker, and this debut single is the Ritz.

2. Angil + The Hidden Tracks – Trying to Fit

Post modern rock from France that is very unique, but the singer sorta sounds like Spoon.

3. Wildbirds & Peacedrums – There is no Light

Sounds like your lost in the African jungle with a bluesy chanteuse to light the way. DJs take notice.

4. Moderat- A New Error

Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat .  More please.

5. Night Drugs! feat Shining Symbol – Volante

The best pure, shimmering disco track I’ve heard in some time.

6. Steed Lord – You (Owl Vision’s Dark Gothic Remix)

A soul diva lights it up over some some sick techno beats.

7. Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix)

Finally someone has made a tasteful way for a DJ to rock this influential track at a party. Check out Gigamesh’s remix of Animal Collective’s My Girls.

8. Thunderheist – Suenos Dulces

Spanish tinged rapping over a some heavily sampled ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurthymics.

9. Digitalism – Taken Away (Fredrick Carlsson remix)

I was through with the 100 or so remixes of this song, until Mr. Carlsson arrived.

10. Huoratron – Dollar Troopers (Distraktt Remix)

Banger #1.

11. Malente – Manrox (St. Pauli RMX)

Banger #2.

12. J-88 – The Look of Love (Treasure Fingers Remix)

The hip-hop portion of this program.

13. Mr. Miyagi – We Gonna Give You the Lesson

Yes, you have. Delirious dancing ensues.

14. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (Noze Remix)

Jazzy bubbling mix from Frenchies.

15. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Version by Lissvik)

And I’m out of time…

Best of the Blogs (Jan where were we? ’09 Edition)

January 19, 2009


Start the New Year with a blam.  Blues makes its first ever appearance here.  Animal Collective can apparently do no wrong (see below).  And some hotly anticipated albums release their first tracks. The winners are:

1. Notorious B.I.G. – Party & Bullshit (Ratatat remix)

Biggie lives on in the movies and in remixes. The sure-fire crowd pleaser in any occasion.

2. Birdy Nam Nam – Worried / The Parachute Ending

‘Worried’ is just killer. ‘The Parachute Ending’ is produced by Justice, and well, it sounds like that new Justice track you’ve been waiting for.

3. Ratatat – Mirando (Animal Collective remix)

It’s not enough that Animal Collective have an album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, that everybody has already decided will be the best album of ’09. But here they create a transcendent remix that will scare the DJs.

4. Jesse Rose – Forget My Name (feat. Hot Chip)

When Jesse Rose gets these smoking results he’ll be glad to pay for Hot Chip’s services.

5. Der Dritte Raum – Swing Bop (side A)

Raum has actually recreated the music from the cantina scene in Star Wars. And it’s good enough for both jazz and techno clubs.

6. Peter Bjorn & John – Nothing to Worry About

The first single fom their hotly anticipated new album. No disappointment here.

7. The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal remix)

Good luck getting this dubstep track out of your head. King Cannibal is showing next-big-thing potential.

8. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Hyperbole has this as the #1 song of the year, and yeah, it’s electro-pop stardust that won’t burn out soon.

9. The Glimmers – Let’s Get Physical

The Glimmers cover Olivia Newton John and it’s insanely fun.

10. Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (F** Buttons remix)

This fills my art-punk-emotion quotient to acceptable levels. Fever Ray is basically a side project of The Knife. 

11. John Fairhurst – Obnox Stomp

Blues! Welcome to the party. All I can say about this is this guy goes off. (And it’s #4 on Music Like Dirt’s top 200 tracks of 2008.)

12. Alva Noto – U 08-1

Austere, robot noise music with someone counting in French. It’s so weird you gotta love it. (#9 on the same list above.)

13. Dan Deacon – Get Older

The first preview from Deacon’s forthcoming album, Bromst, and it rocks.

14. Telefon Tel Aviv – Stay Away From Being Maybe

I reccomend Telefon Tel Aviv’s whole album, but this is probably my favorite track I’ve heard so far.

15. Franz Ferdinand – Twilight Omens

The best song from Franz Ferdinand’s upcoming new album Tonight?

(Bonus Honorable Mentions:)

Bell Hollow – The Bottle Tree (Peter du Charme mix)

Your Twenties – Caught Wheel

Groove Armada – Drop the Tough (Van She B-Live remix)

15 Holiday Hollas (Best of the Blog Downloads:)

December 15, 2008


It’s that most wonderful time of the year! Hopefully these will transport you to somewhere where the traffic isn’t. Yes, as the beat seizes your core, you realize you can, yes you can–. 

All after the jump:

1. Weird Tapes – Night Stalking  (Via Voules Random)

Like a cross between Twin Peaks (Angelo Badalamenti) and the synthesizer in The Terminator. Transfixing. 

2. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Wallpaper. Dio Remix)

This is the remix contest winner of a track that was unconventional to begin with, made even more unconventional, and setting forth the magical machinations in the musicbox.

3. Tommy Sparks – I’m a Rope (Yuksek mix)

Superb, catchy song lyrics and flawless production seize the moment.

4. Sis – Nesrib

Soulful, hypnotic house/tech that sounds like Steve Reich was on controls.

5. Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare

This song just makes me happy, and he’s singing about a nightmare! Matt & Kim are sorta love it/hate it.

6. Digitalism – Taken Away (Lalory’s Modern Romance Mix)  (Via Ohh!! Crapp..)

There have been at least 20 remixes of this song that blogs have been praising. Well let me tell you this is the definitive remix that sits at the top. I wouldn’t lie.

7. Mgmt – Time to Pretend (Blogula mix)   (Via Get Weird Turn Pro)

This popular (and deserving it!) song finally gets a worthy remix that will fit in your DJ set.

8. My!Gay!Husband! – Muppets Theme, Sigur Ros remix

Hilarious name. Fun DJ edits for any party. Both are after the jump.

9. DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Brodinski remix)

Truly dazzling hypnosis on this house/tech groover with some awesome piano, which is so ‘in’ right now.

10. Drop The Lime – I Love NY (Baobinga Remix)  (Via Voules Random)

Hyper-kinetic hard-dance slows down for some slammin’ rap. It’s like woah!!

11. Lykke Li vs. Kings of Leon – Knocked up mashup 

Moody mash-up that fuses two great talents and makes a good intro/atmosphere piece.

12. Sebastian Tellier – Kilometer (Donovan remix)

Throw your hands up to this sexy electro-soul jam. And sway.

13. Rustie – Zig Zag

Dubstep is going in every direction now, and this has a very electro vibe.

14. Curses! – The Deep End

The Italo-disco track of the winter.

15. Fortune – Mission (M83 mix)

Forget it, I’ve finally run out of adjectives. Rock vocals + M83 electronics = Quality. Bon soir.


Matt & Kim

Best 15 Downloads for Thanksn’giving!

November 10, 2008


Owwwww, James Brown-style these are hot. They’ve been simmering and boiled down from a list of hundreds. No stuffing here, just pure turkey. (Or maybe they’re all stuffing, no turkey, yeah..) Man you’re lucky.


1. Sunset Cruisin – Perfect Wave (LeBatman mix)   via Voules Random

A Patrick Swayze, Point Break sample creates some sort of magic on this one, and I think I could listen to the first half of this on endless repeat.

2. Lemonade – Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape mix) 

This will infect a crowd with crazy rump shaking, and that’s before the rock vocals and twisted synths kick in.

3. Cut Copy – Far Away (Ring Trick remix)   via Danger! Danger!

This mix has this perfect ‘walking alone in the big city on a Fall night’ feel. Like anything could happen.

4. Ellen Allien – Do Not Ask (Joe and Will Ask Unofficial Remix)

I haven’t heard a good Ellen Allien track in a blue moon, but when the bass finally kicks in around the 1:45 mark, your brainwaves will respond positively. 

5. The Who – Baba O’Reilly (SebastiAn Remix)  

This iconic track by The Who gets a quick SebastiAn treatment. Don’t leave home without it.

6. Ladyhawke – My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)    Via Ohh Crapp

Probably the best Ladyhawke remix, and there have been dozens already.

7. Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)   Via Hyperbole

Breakbot excels at creating these 80’s jams with that feel-good, party vibe.

8. Charlie – Spacer Woman (DW Remix)    Via Eat me on Tuesday

Classic Italo-disco hooking up with trashy electroclash. Dark beauty.

9. Plus Move – Tic Toc   Via Voules Random

Justice comes to mind in this peak-time lovely. The final breakdown is insane brilliance.

10. Telepathe – Chrome’s On It

Brooding waifs in high fashion sound happily drugged in this off-kilter, downtempo track.

11. Jokers of the Scene – Baggy Bottom Boys (Original)   Via Find Voltorb, Catch Voltorb

An update of Moby’s rave classic “Go”.  Nu-rave done right.

12. Big Gipp – Hot (KLEVER remix)  

Rap and electro are married very kleverly. Perfect for those kids with fake IDs who just need to dance.

13. Headshotboyz – Detector

Great intro electro song that you can throw an accapella over like:

14. Troublemaker – I’m Famous (feat. Baby Cashtrid)

An almost acappella track with some old school chick rapping.

15. Zeibura S. Kathau – Sophia

Put the headphones on to this well-produced techno. Electrostimulation indeed.


Best October Music Downloads

October 2, 2008

The blog community has really stepped it up and got us some mind-blowing music, most of it officially approved, the rest maybe just tolerated. Here are the best in what is a cosmic month. I’ll be writing later about the great albums of the season.

1. Lykke Li – Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up mix)

BEST Lykke mix yet! Punks Jump Up capture her Swedish charm (above left) and break the club up.

Via VoulesRandom

Lykee Li – Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up mix)

2. Santogold – I’m a Lady (Diplo mix ft. Amanda Blank)

Here’s the unmixed version from the Top Ranking mix. Proper.

Via Welcome to Dance Club

Santogold – I’m A Lady (Diplo Mix Ft Amanda Blank)

3. Mgmt – Kids (Soulwax Nite version)

Enuff said, and most of you already are on top of this one.

Via PartyCYMK

MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)

4. Peter, Bjorn, & John – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off (Girl Talk mix)

Pretty remix that makes the song playable in the set.

Via Ohh Crapp

 Peter Bjorn & John – Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)

5. Elika – Let Down

If a young Madonna sang for Mazzy Star with some synths it would kinda sound like this.


6. Le Castle Vania & Computer Club – The Messiah

An atom-crusher of a banger.

Via Discodust

 Le Casle Vania & Computer Club – The Messiah

7. Alter Ego – Gary / Boys Club

Stream or download here:

8. Hot Chip – Hold On (Switch Ldn mix)

Stream or download here: 

9. Dune – Bloodlines (Herve mix)

Stream or download here:  

10. The Kills – Last Day of Magic (James Rutledge mix)

Via Get Weird Turn Pro:  

 the kills – the last day of magic (james rutledge remix).

September Sizzlas

September 1, 2008


I’m starting to work hard so that you can immediately download or listen to the music on the monthly charts.  If I mention the track is available for download it has been approved legally through those sites (left click will play it, right click and hit ‘Save Target as’ if you like it). Chime in and let me know what you think, if you agree/disagree…

1. Don Rimini remixes of ‘Ghostbusters Theme’ and Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move’

These will implode any house party. The ‘Ghostbusters Theme’ remix is available for download from Discodust here, while the second link to the Young MC remix can only be streamed:

 2. Apex – Wall of Sound EP

The newest headturning drum n’ bass sensation. Listen to his music here:

3. VA – Kompakt Total 9

Over two CD’s worth of top-notch techno-house-disco tracks of which half are superb.

4. Hot Pink DeLorean remixes of Fantastadon’s ‘Anesthesiologist’ and Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’

The Fantastadon mix is a rock-out and the Katy Perry mix will send the young chicas into hoots.

Both are available for download through DiscoDust here:

5. Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr – ‘Run 0’

Spooky techno with R2D2 singing an opera solo. Sorry, but couldn’t find any good streams.

6. Dark Captain Light Captain – Circles EP

Fantastic melancholic, chill-out rock perfect for the post-party hangover. Listen to their music on their MySpace page:

7. Vaccine – ‘Fever (Original)’

A blonde bombshell delivers this bomb unto the dub-step nation. Visit her MySpace music page here:

8. Simian Mobile Disco – ‘Hustler (Joakim mix)’

Joakim goes with a bare bones b-boy mix that should give electro mixes some variety. You may want to mix out early though. Download it from Fader here:

9. White Lies – ‘Death (Crystal Castles Remix)’

White Lies could step in for The Killers and nobody would notice, at least on this song. Here’s the crazy Crystal Castles mix which will download from Cannibal Cheerleader here:

10. Weird Tapes – ‘The Heavens’

I discovered this electro-disco-downtempo band on DiscoDust and so can you (download):

11. Poni Hoax: ‘Antibodies’ + ‘The Bird is on Fire’

The two best tracks off this Italo-disco, emotronic band’s new album. Wacky stuff. You can stream ‘Antibodies’ off of Lastfm here:

12. Deetron – ‘Let’s Get Over It (Henrik Schwarz mix)’

Soulful, guitar-driven house that will be PLAYED OUT in house clubs everywhere. Stream it over on Deetron’s MySpace page here:

15 July Sparklers

July 1, 2008

Here are fifteen tunes to enjoy some fireworks to. Breaking the trend this month is some electronic music from the heart of the so-called axis of evil, mash-ups, and some very good breaks.

1. Steinski – Nothing to Fear

This is a masterpiece mix of cut-and-paste hip-hop by a DJ legend that has been influential to artists like DJ Food, DJ Shadow, and Coldcut. While not being new, it has resurfaced on CD recently in a retrospective of Steinski’s work. So if you haven’t come across it yet, it is essential, hilarious, and has more ideas in 60 minutes than three Jay-Z or Kanye West albums.

2. Kleerup – Kleerup

(**I’m bumping this up, because not only is this a great electronic/dance album, it is very uplifting music. “Forever” with Neneh Cherry, sounding like she hasn’t missed a beat, is downright inspirational.) On his debut album, Kleerup proves his production on Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat” is no fluke.

3. Shout Out Loud – Impossible (Studio mix)

It is hard to top the balearic sunshine of this mix. This is culled from Studio’s Yearbook 2 remix album, which also features a nice, dubby, and Spanish guitar-infused remix of Kylie’s “2 Hearts”.

4. English Electric – Monarch + Giorgio et Jim

“Monarch” channels Blade Runner-era Vangelis (which is no small feat).  “Giorgio et Jim” is equally brilliant 70’s italo-electronica.

5. Stanton Warriors – Who are the Warriors (Bass Kleph mix)

These two longtime breaks producers nail perfection this time. Just try not to bounce to this.

6. Danny Byrd – Weird Science + Red Mist

The Byrd is back with some energetic and slamming drum n’ bass.

7. Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

No recording artist is safe in this ADD mash-up party album. When your mixing Lil Mama into Metallica into Earth, Wind, & Fire into Rod Stewart into Lil Wayne (etc., etc.), good times are sure to follow.  The Quiet Riot/Temple of the Dog mix is just pure madness.

8. Ladyhawke – Back of the Van original + (Fred Falke mix)

The Modular label continues to give us more glittering Australian electro gems.

9. Ata Ebtekar – Saint Homayun + Nashid + Miniature Tone

Gorgeously hypnotic electro-acoustic music from Tehran, Iran. Fans of Autechre should love this. 

10. Fake Blood – Mars

Breaks, electro, and nu-rave are mixed to make you go bonkers.

11. Sebastian Teller – Divine (Danger mix)

Danger takes equal part Justice and the 8-bit sound to create maybe the highlight of your electro mix.

12. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows – (David Rubato mix)

More Antipodean robotic electro alchemy.

13. Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith – Body Pump

This drum n’ bass track starts with a beautiful string section that dives right into a devastatingly sick break and wobbly bass.  The first time you hear this you might feel dizzy.

14. Shy Child – Astronaut + Good & Evil

The two best tracks off Shy Child’s new album Drop the Phone.  Is it me or do these guys sound like Supersystem?  File under rock n’ rave.

15. Walter Meego – Voyager

On the new album, Meego dips into Daft Punk pop, and the results have landed two songs on the TV show Ugly Betty. I prefer the less cheesy “Lost” and “Keyhole”.

June’s 15 Summer Slammers

June 3, 2008

This month continues the trend of the French and Aussies blowing up the scene. There is also alot of artists taking over musical vacancies that other artists have moved on from. Also, electro-trance has arrived.

1. Pendulum – In Silico

Well it’s here and it’s an overwhelming success. Pendulum have fused stadium rock with electronic dance in a fresh and uniquely singular sound. They still have alot of room for improvement (make the rock parts more Tool than Silverchair), but this is a fantastic first step. Fans of NIN, Vast, or Prodigy should check this out immediately.

2.  The Presets – Apocalypto

Another Aussie outfit, these guys have aimed more for the clubs with this album, and it is their best yet. “If I Know You” could be a club smash in the vein of “Blue Monday”. Fans of Underworld, Depeche Mode, or EBM should also check this out immediately.

3. Apparat – Things to Be Freckled

This is a double CD set of Apparat remixes and others remixing them. When their name is involved you can expect state-of-the-art and next level production that goes for the jugular.

4. Padded Cell – Night Must Fall

These guys have plumbed the best sounds from the 70’s and early 80’s to create a gothic-funk throwback album.

5. Bumblebeez – “Dr. Love”, “Spaceships”, and “Rio”

More Aussies who throw rock’n’rave, grime, electro, and punk together for a decadent party. From the album Prince Umberto & the Sister of Ill

6. The Black Ghosts mixtape 

Electro that hits all the right buttons at the right times. Fil OK’s “Wink Wink (touche mix)” is one great electro track.

7. Cut Copy – “Hearts on Fire (Midnight Juggernauts mix)”

I’m astonished at the quality that Midnight Juggernauts continue to shell out.

8. Sebastian – “Momy”, “Army”, and “Dog”

Sebastian is working hard to combine rock and electro with mostly successful results. “Dog” actually tries to incorporate hardcore and electro while remaining club playable.

9. Jdsy – “Else”, “Saboteur”, and “The Beetle”

Imagine Aphex Twin with vocals. Fans of Matthew Dear step right up.

10. Little Boots – “Stuck on Repeat”

Here’s a perfect slice of vocal electro-house that takes the spot Goldfrapp used to inhabit before she went folk.

11. Noze – Songs on The Rocks

Filthy French electro-lounge album that gets jazzy and never bores.

12. Snoop Dogg – “Cool”

Yes, this new Snoop track is THE jam. You’ll hear this out for the rest of summer.

13. Rafael Frost – “Minimum”

Electro and trance are expertly mixed here to produce a slammin number.

14. Kraak & Smaak – “Squeeze Me” original & A Skillz remix

The video for the original is below and the A Skillz remix adds a nasty, grimy bass that should also kill it on the dancefloor.

15. Concord Dawn – “Fly Away Home”

Takes the spot that Pendulum left, which is drum n’ bass with a rock edge.

May’s Made 15

May 1, 2008

Despite my disappointment for the new Portishead and Santogold albums they still managed to find their way on this chart. You won’t find Madonna however, even if I do like that new Timberlake-Timbaland jam.

1. Telemetrik – My Lightyear Act Two EP

This drum and bass producer isn’t waiting around for the future; he’s bringing it to ya. “Exit Civilization” is the choice here, but “Evil Exists” boasts a well-chosen Smashing Pumkins sample.

2. Ludovic Vendi – Limbo

This blurpy and wonky techno goes epic midway through and doesn’t look back.

3. Datassette – Datassette LP

Almost perfect electronic-tech album that was made for your inner robot.

4. The Roots – Rising Down

This is one of the better Roots albums(and they have 9 other albums), and it might make some Best of 2008 lists.  

5. Benga – Diary of an Afro Warrior

This album could do for dubstep what Roni Size’s New Forms did for drum n’ bass.

6. Leila – Mettle

Warp artist Leila shows Portishead how trip-hop works now.

7. Foals – Antidotes

One of the better indie rock albums I’ve heard this year.

8. Christopher D. Ashley – We are Shining

Electro-pop for the new generation.

9. Justice – dance (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke mix)

I’m almost sick of these vocals, but this mix is like classy, neon lip gloss.

10. Santogold – You’ll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden mix)

The one saving grace from a disappointing debut album.

11. Logistics – Reality Checkpoint

This sophomore album for the drum n’ bass producer has plenty of quality tracks to put in your crate.

12. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours

Charming if not predictable album of Australian sunshine.

13. Testament – Killing Season +  More than Meets the Eye

Please put these songs on Rock Band so I can seriously thrash… Thanks Jason for the tip on these guys.

14. Sander van Doorn – Grasshopper

This tech/trance cut sounds incredible in the club; take my word for it-.

15. Portishead – Plastic + Hunter

The two salvageable songs off the otherwise forgetful new Portishead album.

15 for April, love-.

April 4, 2008

If there were a few dodgy selections in last months chart, this month should set the record straight, because the top five could easily contend for record of the year. Rock n’ rave continues to grow, drum n’ trance makes its debut, and Moby can only get honorable mention.

1. M83 – Saturday = Youth (album)

The album isn’t flawless, but the tracks that work here are monumental. “Kim & Jessie” sounds like the rediscovery of a great, lost 80’s song. It’s all about emotion.

2. Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru – The Truth (album)

For an original techno album this just might be a masterpiece, and I don’t use that word lightly.

3. Hercules and the Love Affair – (self-titled album)

Wait, Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) singing over craftily produced disco? I’m beside myself-. “Blind” is classic.

4. Crystal Castles – (self-titled album)

Your Atari grows up, goes hardcore, and dates a synth-pop star. Incendiary debut.

5. The Kills – Midnight Boom (album)

How did this drop this far? Creative rock, drop, n’ roll that you can’t get out of your head.

6. Does it Offend You, Yeah? – You Have No Idea What Your… (album)

Solid rock n’ rave debut from these electro pranksters.

7. V.A. – Kitsune Maison vol. 5

This is literally a party-in-a-box and might be the best Kitsune compilation yet, and if you’ve heard the other 4 you know that’s saying something.

8. Neon Neon – Stainless Style (album)

Electropop and rap are thrown into a blender for a concept album about John DeLorian. I swear this was my idea first, oh well-.

9. Late of the Pier – “The Bears are Coming”

Whew, we’re through with albums. Classic electro-rock track.

10. Siriusmo – “All the Girls (Yuksek mix)”, Boyz Noize – “& Down (Siriusmo mix)”

Nobody can touch Siriusmo right now, seriously.

11. Martyn – “Twenty-four”

Progressive house that has an electronica or intelligent side.

12. John B – “Red Sky” + “Mr. Freud”

Leave it up to John B to perfect d n’ t, thats drum and trance, and no I’m not kidding.

13. Sam Sparro – “Black and Gold” 

Incredible talent on the vocals, and I’m supporting him now before he goes all Justin Timberlake.

14. Bag Raiders – “Nil By Mouth (Knightlife mix)”

Aussies got some kaleidoscopic tricks up their wizard sleeve.

15. Commix – “Faceless (Marcus Intalex)”

Solid d n’ b roller.

March’s Masterful 15

March 1, 2008

We’ve got alot of class electro, techno, and drum-and-bass ruling the chart this month. An Austin band and German dub make their mark as well.

1. Disrupt – Foundation Bit (album)

Best dub album I’ve heard in a decade. New technology is only going to make dub better. Put this in, sit back, relax, and blast off.

2. Shinichi Osawa – The One (album)

One of the better electro-rock albums to drop yet. Osawa employs vocals from Au Revoir Simone, Princess Supastar, and Freeform Five to throw one decadent party.

3. The Helio Sequence – “Back to This” + “The Captive Mind”

The singer sounds like a young Bono, and they also could be headlining arenas someday.

4. Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”, “Boston”, + “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

This is the kind of catchy indie rock like The Strokes that girls love, and guys get brownie points for introducing gals to. 

5. Great Carnival Stuff (compilation)

This is the next-level house and techno sounds that are dominating European dance floors. Don’t miss the tracks by Wehbba, Swen Weber, Butch, or Oliver Koletzki.

6. Danny Byrd – “Junction 18”, “Round and Round”, + “Control Freak”

Energetic, soulful, and uplifting drum-and-bass. First-rate.

7. Justus Kohncke – “Yacht”, “Parage”, and “Spukhafte Fernwirkung”

Progressive house and Nu-disco doesn’t get much better than this.

8. Protest the Hero – “Palms Read”

This heavy metal straddles the line between wacky and wicked, but is mostly exhilarating.

9. DJ Marky + XRS – “LK (Danny Byrd mix)”

See my comment above about Byrd.

10. Telemetrik – “Cosmos”

Caution: The gnarly drop and bassline of this drum-and-bass track can cause dizziness. 

11. Surkin – “Kiss and Fly (Tacteel remix)”

Glorious electro skullduggery.

12. Ghostland Observatory – “No Place for Me”

The best track off this Austin band’s latest CD. File under electro-industrial-pop.

13. Sebastian Tellier – “Roche” + “l’amour et la violence”

Saucy romantic synthmaking from this French crooner.

14. Modeselektor – “Black Block”

A techno DJ weapon to cause mayhem on the dancefloor.

15. Midnight Juggernauts – “Road to Recovery (Miami Horror mix)”

More electro-jacking-laser-rainbows.

February’s Fab Fifteen!

February 4, 2008

There is alot of good, new music for February, including albums and multiple songs from certain bands. Metal and hard rock have their day this month, and dubstep continues to blow up.

1. Studio – “Self service (short version)” and “No Comply”

These guys sound like they stepped out of an 80’s time-capsule listening to early Duran Duran and Bob Marley, and that’s a good thing.

2. Deerhunter – “Flourescent Grey” and “Like New”

Recalls vintage Pixies. Fantastic stuff.

3. Mgmt – “Weekend wars” and “Electric Feel”

There is so many influences going on here, but if you like The Flaming Lips you should like their debut album.  

4. The Mars Volta – “Wax Simulcra”, “Goliath”, and “Ouroborous”

Mars Volta got some help from the netherworld purportedly on their new album through conversations on a Ouija board. Sounds far-fetched right? Listen to the album and lyrics and it becomes scarily plausible. I don’t condone their methods, but this album is inspired and I’m now officially a fan of Mars Volta’s heavy prog-rock.

5. Black Mountain – “Angels” and “Wucan”

If you like QotSA, Wolfmother, or the Doors you should like this.

6. Machine Head – “Beautiful Mourning” and “A Farewell to Arms”

I don’t know the difference between death and black metal, but this is some heavy, heavy metal that is very, very good.

7. Amy Winehouse – “Love is a losing game (Moody Boyz badboy remix)”

Dubstep goes mainstream.

8. Dan Deacon – “The Crystal Cat” and “Wham City”

These are the songs that sends the crowd at his live shows over the top, euphoric and transcended.

9. Bloc Party – “Where it home (Burial remix)”

Burial can make anyone sound like ghosts singing in the rain.

10. Autechre – Quaristice (album)

They continue to make music for the 22nd century, and this features some of their best ambient transmissions yet.

11. Beck – “Cellphones Dead (Villalobos mix)”

Beck gets a 14 minute wonky journey by the current king of minimal.

12. Metronomy – “Radio Ladio”

A modern day “She Blinded Me with Science”.

13. Clark – Turning Dragon (album)

Warp Records’ IDM prodigy continues to explore the hairy underbelly of technology.

14. Franz & Shape – “Eyes like knives (d.i.m. remix)”

Dancefloor destroyer of the month. 

15. Deadmau5 – “Not Exactly”

If he keeps this up, Madonna’s going to have him on speed dial.

January’s Hot 15!

January 18, 2008

Every month I’ll be sharing some of the 10 best new tracks and tunes for the month. This month I’ll be reaching a little further back into the last couple of months and grabbing 5 more, but usually these will be just released, hot, and ready to drop in the listening device of your choice. Check ’em out!

1. Radiohead – All I Need

2. Midnight Juggernauts – Nine Lives

3. Saul Williams w/ Trent Reznor – Break

4. Beirut – Nantes 

5. The Presets – My People

6. Grizzly Bear – Knife (covered by CSS)

7. Riot in Belgium – La Musique (J-Bag’s Edit)

8. Partial Arts – Trauermusik (Original mix)

9. Adam Kesher – P-Katherine

10. Dead Disco – You’re Out

11. Modeselektor – The White Flash (w/ Thom Yorke)

12. Trentemoller – Klovn McLaren

13. Compuphonic and Kolombo – Emotion (edit)

14. Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (Marky and Bungle mix)

15. Stateless – Crash