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Animals Attack! Podcast

November 16, 2009

Stay tuned for some more new music posts soon, especially the Best of 2009, but in the meantime check out our horror podcast, which focuses on some mean animals. We review Day of the Animals, Orca, Grizzly, Night of the Lepus, Devil Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Breed and Cujo; and list our Top 5 Stephen King horror adaptations.


Patrick Swayze

September 15, 2009


Something about Patrick Swayze gave you a warm fuzzy. He emanated something pure and good that corporealized what a man could be. I direct you towards a song with a particular sample from him that is haunting, yet beautiful; mostly because of his voice that carries the message. Lets hope he has found his perfect wave.

Sunset Cruisin – Perfect Wave (Le Batman mix)
hosted by Party CMYK

The Death of Heroes

July 7, 2009

JAGUARS TITANSmichael_jackson_e51129873

I’m a huge Titans fan and hung my Sunday hopes on a warrior named Steve McNair. I found solace in a displaced team with no stadium that always had a chance with this man. Likewise, Thriller was my first album, and I emulated MJ often in my very young life. I want to thank these men for what they gave. We shared a dream, now scattered, but never totally lost.


April 2, 2009

Put a twang in it! SNL has nothing on Petey Greene. I surely must now watch Talk to Me, the movie about Petey Greene starring Don Cheadle. (Thx Adam-)

Stop-motion Graffiti

August 18, 2008

My bro turned me on to this. The second half is especially good.

Happy New Year Amigos!

January 2, 2008

Happy new year all ya’ll!  I’m starting off the New Year with a blog, so voila, here is another way to keep in touch. This might eventually turn into an electronic music blog, but for now I will share reviews of movies and personal creative stuff. Hope you enjoy! Here’s to blowing up in ’08!