Me and My Rhythm Box

August 6, 2010

From the 1982 cult-classic Liquid Sky which seriously needs DVD distribution.


Wobble Girl!!

May 8, 2010

Before you get all angry at me, this girl pulled a hoax on her local news. She isn’t really like that, but damn it is funny in this context.

Stephen King called it.

May 7, 2010

Except the real one is a million times larger. From Creepshow 2:

New Crystal Castles!! Empathy

May 2, 2010

The album is about to drop, or in other words: it has been leaked all over the net like a certain oil spill. I’m getting freaky to this number as we speak…

Legowelt – The Tower

February 3, 2010

Time to get retro with this ten minute epic track. I actually saw this French band in Austin years ago. Unfortunately, one of the band members broke their hip during the show (from what I was told). I doubt they’ll be coming back, but we were grateful.
(Thanks Static Fix via Test Industries)

Wouldn’t it be nice…

January 21, 2010

if candidates and senators couldn’t reveal in any capacity whether they were Republican or Democrat so that the public had to vote based on ideas and character; and senators had to vote on bills based on ideas and content and not on party lines, where the ultimate sell-out is intentionally disrupting the functionality of government in a game to win more seats than the other side. Is DC becoming a graveyard for politician’s souls?

Grammys are Clueless in Electronic Category

January 15, 2010

The nominees for 2010 Best electronic Album are:

The Crystal Method’s Divided By Night, David Guetta’s One Love, Lady Gaga’s The Fame, LMFAO’s Party Rock, Pet Shop Boys’ Yes

Wait, I think that’s dinner coming back into my mouth… For god’s sake I hope the Pet Shop Boys win it just for the sake of catching up. I don’t care if  they’re older than great-uncle Maurie. This color is for them.

Best Movies of 2009

January 4, 2010

(With some updates when I catch a few I missed.) The best horror movies follow in the post below.


TysonFood, Inc.Anvil: The Story of AnvilThe Cove

5. Big River Man

4. Tyson

3. Food, Inc.

2. Anvil: The Story of Anvil

1. The Cove


13. tie Ponyo / Mary & Max – In a year with great animation these were my favorite.

District 9Star Trek

12. District 9 – Utterly original sci-fi movie that ultimately boils down to an action fantasy.

11. Star Trek – The message in this is actually more profound than the previous film: Hard work and the pursuit of excellence will save the world.

Dean Spanley

10. Dean Spanley – Lord Dunsany makes his cinematic debut, and Peter O Toole exits the stage with effulgence. I couldn’t be more charmed.

HungerThe EscapistBronson

9. British Prison Films (tie)Hunger / The Escapist / BronsonHunger is the intense and minimalist one. The Escapist is the best prison escape movie in a decade. Bronson is the Kubrick-esque, riveting character study.


8. Moon – Almost perfect sci-fi with tour-de-force performances [sic] by Sam Rockwell. And Kevin Spacey makes  a great robot.

The Road

7. The Road – A faithful recreation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel. Viggo is lights-out in this role,  and the director John Hillcoat mostly nails it.

Everlasting Moments

6. Everlasting Moments – A powerful Swedish film of liberating oneself through technology.

The Damned United

5. The Damned United – The best sports movie since Hoop Dreams. And I don’t really care for sports movies.







4. Private Eye – This turn-of-the-century detective story puts Sherlock Holmes to shame.

Departures3.5 Departures – I thought this was an absorbing look into Japanese culture and then it sideswipes you with an emotional suplex.


3. Gomorrah – A re-invention of the gangster film that will give youngsters second thoughts about becoming Tony Montana.


2. Avatar – James Cameron’s films have nearly all held up for repeated viewings after years have passed, and this will be no different. Its message to the upcoming generation will be measurable.

Inglourious Basterds

1. Inglourious Basterds – An epic revenge-fantasy that fulfilled Tarantino’s lofty ambitions. He knows how to get great performances from actors while creating a manual on how to generate cinematic tension.

Best Horror Movies of 2009

January 3, 2010

I must include the 2010 releases since I saw them this year, but consider them recommended.

The ChildrenDrag Me to HellPontypoolBad BiologyThirst

10. The Children

9. Drag Me To Hell

8. Pontypool

7. Bad Biology

6. 4Bia (Phobia) – Sorry Trick r’ Treat, but this anthology has more original and unique stories.

5. Thirst – Move over New Moon. Wook-Park is your master.


4. The Revenant – This film seems to be still without distribution and could make beaucoup box-office $$ if marketed right.

3. Doghouse – Studios missed out again on this British zombie-comedy that almost eclipses Shaun of the Dead.

2. Rec 2 – My analogy is that this is what Aliens was to Alien. Now you’ve been improperly hyped.


1. Zombieland – If a character doesn’t “double-tap” in future horror movies, they will now be flawed. This won’t keep you awake at night, but it is a very re-watchable comic thrill ride with Harrelson in Natural Born Killers mode.

Best Horror Movies of the Decade

January 2, 2010

I’ve given more weight to films that truly frightened me and those that made me consider other dimensions to the beyond….

10. Martyrs

9. The Uninvited Guest

8. The Host

7. The Orphanage

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)

5. The Hills Have Eyes (remake)

4. Tale of Two Sisters

3. Ju-on (the original Japanese version—not the American one with Sarah Michelle Gellar)

2. Audition

1. Kairo (Pulse)

*Best Albums of 2009*

December 25, 2009

It has been another great year for music and the artform of albums. Drum n’ bass artists continue to release fabulous longplayers. Industrial is back. Metal is staying very relevant. Dubstep grows stronger. And there is plenty of other genres to pick from here, so without further ado (in reverse order):

22.  The Horrors – Primary Colours

When Aphex Twin director Chris Cunningham shows up to help you channel your inner Joy Division, magic can happen. And it often does on this album. “Scarlet Fields” (below) is titanic.

“Scarlet Fields”

21.  Ed Rush & Optical – Traveling the Galaxy

Sci-fi drum n’ bass fans rejoice! Your sound has landed. The soundtrack to Hugo award winners that will send you into orbit!


20. Rufige Kru – Memoirs of an Afterlife

Rufige Kru (aka Goldie and Heist) are back to deliver a deep journey into soulful drum n’ bass. Goldie has his solo record out this year and is returning to his legendary roots. But Heist really brings the best out of both.

“Lost Rufige”

19. Architects – Hollow Crown

Sick heavy metal bashing with some radio-friendly vocals amidst alot of screaming. This kind of pain feels so good.


18. Blockhead – The Music Scene

Fans of DJ Shadow and DJ Food: your void is filled. Blockhead does production for various Def Jux artists, but here he crafts a downtempo sonic palette of mashed-up soul, funk, and hip-hop. The samples alone will crack you up. Kinda like a seance held in Motown.

“Pity Party”

17. Jon Hopkins – Insides

When he’s not contributing on a Coldplay album, Jon Hopkins makes his own intensely beautiful compositions with state-of-the-art beats and instrumentation. Ambient textures float on Ulrich Schnauss-esque uplifting melodies.


16. Animal Collective –Merriweather Post Pavilion / Fall Be Kind ep

The addition of their e.p. makes this a simple choice. As long as I spent trying to get “My Girls”, “Guys Eyes”, and “What Would I Want Sky” out of my head they deserve a spot.

“Guys Eyes”

15. Converge – Axe to Fall

Super-speed metal that is like a Beethoven migraine. These guys must be robots to play good music this fast. Really angry ones at that.

“Dark Horse”

14. Little Dragon – Machine Dreams

You’ll hear Prince, Tricky, and electro-disco influences superbly melted together with very unique vocals by the lead chanteuse who adds some strange embellishing qualities to her weird lyrics.

“A New”

13. Micachu – Jewellery

There may not be a more charming debut this year. This kitchen appliance funk is so weirdly captivating you won’t be able to get the songs or rhythms out of your head.


12. Alix Perez – 1984

Drum n’ bass doesn’t get more atmospheric than this. Slick, soulful grooves set in your future Blade Runner-esque bedroom.


11. Clark – Totems Flare

Mr. Aphex Twin Jr. keeps firing away on all cylinders. The songs on this album run the gamut from catchy electro-punk to transforming IDM.

“Suns of Temper”

10. Fever Ray – Fever Ray and Remixes

 The singer from Knife uses her special croon over some downtempo and dark 80’s jams. And it was good enough to spawn almost a hundred remixes of which ten are pretty damn good.

“I’m not Done”

9. Passion Pit – Manners

The high falsetto of the lead singer takes some getting used to, but “Moths Wings” and “Little Secrets” are essential songs of the year. Take it in chunks and you’ll be singing it for months.

“Moth’s Wings”

8. Riceboy Sleeps – Riceboy Sleeps

Simply stated, this is my favorite ambient album of the year. Gorgeousssss.

“boy 1904”

7. Falty DL – Love is a Liability / Bravery ep

Falty DL is another artist that really grew on me as the year progressed, and it certainly helps when you release an additional, blindingly good ep. This dub-step, trip-step, IDM-jungle is hypnotic. While all tracks keep his signature off-kilter beats, he can mix early Warp style trickery with the likes of Burial.

“The Shape Has Come”

6. Kylesa – Static Tensions

Two singers (male and female), two drummers, and two guitarists wield some epic art-metal.  Emotional, raw, and surgically swift.


5. Original Sin – Grow Your Wings

Get jacked-up to this jump-up and junglist barrage of of drum n’ bass stylings. Variety is important in an album, and here you have everything from deep soul to ghetto warfare drum n bass. I’m not sure there’s a boring second on this.

“Your Love”

4. Miike Snow – Miike Snow

Not only is this electro-pop done brilliantly, this is just a great vocal-pop album in a year where the King of Pop transmigrated. A greatest hits collection of life affirmation that will have you humming the songs while high-fiving people down the street.

“Black & Blue”

3. Consequence – Live for Never

The best and sexiest dub/dubstep album of the year. Minimalism that evolves in this fashion can by thrilling. Dn’B hot-producers ASC, dBridge, and Instra:mental all lend their atmospheric grace to the proceedings.


2. Laeather Strip – Aengelmaker

Goth-industrial-EBM fans your wait is finally over for a magnificent double disc of a concept album. Early industrial fans of Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 should love this. These aren’t the pretty-boy Trent Reznor vocals. You have to swallow the Marilyn Manson meets Saw grovel to enter this dark carnival. This also features some excellent covers that sound fine in EBM skin, especially Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration”. If danse macabre is your thing (Halloween is everyday) then step inside…

“I Can’t Sit Still”

1. Dan Deacon – Bromst

Great albums are often like roller-coaster rides. They will captivate you for a few listens, but then their complexity starts to turn you off. Later the songs slowly start creeping back into your consciousness and you start hearing dimensions you hadn’t picked up on. Cacophony, folk singing, Steve Reich bliss-outs, and hyper-speed player pianos triggered by midi are some of the eccentrities you’ll find. This is a wholly original and demanding work that I will often return to.

“Woof Woof”

Honorable Mentions – Au Revoir Simone, Bat For Lashes, Baroness, Sub Focus, Bear in Heaven, Beirut, Vitalic, Grizzly Bear

Best Metal Albums of 2009

December 25, 2009

(My thoughts, listening samples, overall rankings, and album covers of these are on the upcoming Best Albums of 2009.)

1. Kylesa – Static Tensions

2. Converge – Axe to Fall

3. Architects – Hollow Crown

Honorable Mention:  Baroness – Blue Record

Best Drum n’ Bass Albums of 2009

December 24, 2009

(My thoughts, listening samples, overall rankings, and album covers of these are on the upcoming Best Albums of 2009.)

1. Original Sin – Grow Your Wings

2. Alix Perez – 1984

3. Rufige Kru – Memoirs of an Afterlife

4. Ed Rush & Optical – Travel the Galaxy

Honorable Mention:  Sub Focus – Sub Focus

Best Song of the Year Pt. 5: Passion Pit – Little Secrets

December 10, 2009

Ummm, it’s no secret Passion Pit killed it in ’09. Definitely one of the best albums of the year. Add sweet video. Let cool. Enjoy.

Best Movies of the Decade

December 8, 2009

This doesn’t include horror and ’09 films which will be listed later. I’m abstaining from any long-winded rationale. Opinions?

10. Volver

9. Battle Royale

8. Azumi

7. The Hours

6. Napoleon Dynamite

5. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, And…Spring

4.The Best of Youth (La Meglio Gioventu)

3. Spirited Away

2. In America

1. Mulholland Drive

Oh yeah, and some docs:

5. King of Kong   4. Sicko   3. Rape of Europa   2. The Bridge    1. Capturing the Friedmans  

20 Feral Little Beasties! Last Best of Blogs of ’09!

November 23, 2009

     O. Children singer Tobias                                                   Lite Brite

I’m sorry baby, I know it’s one in the morning and I’ve had a few drinks and I haven’t blogged you in a month or two, but I’m going to make it up to you–especially with my Best of 2009 lists at the end of the year. In the meantime enjoy this massive collection of essential-ness:

1. XX vs. Tupac vs. BiggieRunnin with the xx 

(It band of August xx is the backdrop for a Biggie and Tupac ballad that fuses East and West coast for eternity.)

2. O. ChildrenDead Disco Dancer

(The influence of Ian Curtis and Nick Cave languor over this gothic-rock dancer.)

3. Cougar Rhinelander

(Gregorian chants over new wave rock–I kid you not. Keep a third eye on this band.)

4. Das GlowLite Brite (Strip Steve mix)

(Lite Brite rocked! And so does this Daft Punk-esque melter.)

5. DovesBrazil (Aeroplane mix)

(Aeroplane have been remixing the stuffing out of everybody lately to good effect, but combine them with Doves and you get liquid nitrogen!)

6. Wendy Carlos Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes remix)

(Really? It’s taken this long for a good remix of these seminal synths?)

7. Basia BulatGold Rush

(If you like: rowsing folk and traditional music with resplendent vocals by a blonde lark)

8. VitalicBluesday Tuesday

(This epic track is a B-side that might be better than most of the tracks on the new Vitalic album.)

9. Fever Ray Seven (Martyn remix)

(If you like: Burial, downtempo at highspeed, intelligent dubstep w/ The Knife singer)

10. Creedence Clearwater Revival Down on the Corner (Emynd Edit)

(Yes, that just happened. You just mixed this song at a party and people had the time of their life.)

11. MirrorsOrgan Song

(If you like: The Cure)

12. Gold PandaQuitters Raga

(Middle-eastern hip-hop psychedelica for fans of Animal Collective.)

13. Foreign Beggars w/NoisiaContact

(Noisia is messing with the future again, this time with the urban sound. Don’t miss the ultra dn’b jump-up remix of Eurthymics’ “Sweet Dreams’ at the same link.)

14. Blue Foundation Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead remix)

(Beautiful song devolves into some heavy doomsday bass. This will make some swoon.)

15. Fan Death Cannibal

(Disco is alive and well in the hands of these ladies.)

16. SavoyRhubarb

(Technicolour electro for fans of Justice.)

17. Radiohead Reckoner (The Twelves mix/cover)

(The Twelves can seemingly do no wrong.)

18. Bear in HeavenLovesick Teenagers

(This track grows on you like slow moss. On the first listen you too will probably dismiss it.)

19. Parov StelarCatgroove

(A famous jazz sample is used to hypnotic effect.)

20. Miami Horror Sometimes

(Everybody has blogged about this electro pop song, so ‘if you don’t know, know ya ___’.)

Fan Death's Cannibal. Don't miss the creepy ending!!

Animals Attack! Podcast

November 16, 2009

Stay tuned for some more new music posts soon, especially the Best of 2009, but in the meantime check out our horror podcast, which focuses on some mean animals. We review Day of the Animals, Orca, Grizzly, Night of the Lepus, Devil Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Breed and Cujo; and list our Top 5 Stephen King horror adaptations.


October 19, 2009

dir. by Adam Green. Happy carvings, kyid!

Gatekeeper – Optimus Maximus

October 9, 2009

Just in time for Halloween is this electro-goth power ballad set to an AMAZING set of images from god knows what movie. Let the power course through your veins–.

Salem – Legend

September 23, 2009

Something hypnotic, yet unsettling about this music video. I’m wondering how ancient civilizations would react if they saw these flying chariots. I’m also digging the lo-fi electro-goth Salem is conjuring.

Patrick Swayze

September 15, 2009


Something about Patrick Swayze gave you a warm fuzzy. He emanated something pure and good that corporealized what a man could be. I direct you towards a song with a particular sample from him that is haunting, yet beautiful; mostly because of his voice that carries the message. Lets hope he has found his perfect wave.

Sunset Cruisin – Perfect Wave (Le Batman mix)
hosted by Party CMYK

Best Song of the Year pt. 5: Grizzly Bear-While you Wait for the Others

September 13, 2009

Ponyo vs. Antichrist

September 8, 2009


Will love or hate, good or evil come out the winner? Is it wrong to compare these films? They make the most diametrically opposite movies ever pitted against each other. Ponyo fans: for the love of humanity, don’t watch Antichrist!! Antichrist viewers: Take two tablets of Ponyo to relieve and uplift your troubled mind. Enjoy the bite-size reviews!


I saw this in a theater with many young children who were worked up to such a fever pitch at one point in the movie that one girl erupted, “Wow. That is really cool!!” I laughed, but agreed with her 100%. As young as some of these kids were, they were still smart enough to know they weren’t being conned; this movie was different. Miyazaki’s latest, though imperfect, filled me with such love (and magic!) that I stopped being a critic and floated on benevolence. If you’re having a bad day, this could work wonders for you too(!). (9/10)


Graphically shocking beyond all belief? Check. Deranged and disturbing? Check. Future cult film? Check. Misogynistic? Perhaps. This is a mirror Eden created by Satan, thus the woman is inherently evil. Nature and human nature are included in that paradigm. The film seems to reference and/or trump scenes from films In the Realm of the Senses and Bergman’s Cries and Whispers. The cinematography is stunning and music grandiose. I seem to be swayed by the symbolism and very realistic XXX material and, believe me, that in itself is very disturbing.  (6.66/10) — jk: 8/10

And the winner is: Ponyo !!

Health – Die Slow

September 4, 2009

I think alot of people will not get or like this, but if you’re open-minded or artsy give it a shot.

Best DVDs of the Month

August 28, 2009


1. Gomorrah – The gangsta movie will never be the same after this. I think the writer is still under police protection. Rating: 9/10

2. Everlasting Moments – This might be Swedish director Jan Troell’s finest moment. It is a period piece of a woman who finds herself through technology. Rating: 9/10

3. London to Brighton – Bone-cracking debut by filmmaker Paul Andrew Williams. It blends the verite realism of those French films that seem to always win Cannes, but adds some brace-for-survival intensity that keeps it moving swiftly. The newfound actors are quite good, especially Georgia Groome who plays a 12 year-old in the throes of utter depravity. Take heed; some of these scenes will be too intense and shocking for everyone. Rating: 8/10

4. Katyn – The Polish Holocaust by the hands of Russia during WWII has never had such a harrowing depiction. Renowned composer Krysztof Penderecki delivers an incredible and haunting score. Rating: 8/10

5. The Class – Who knew a Paris classroom would be so like Austin, TX? Universal issues abound in this Cannes Grand Prix winner. Rating: 8/10

6. Big Man Japan – The ending of this goofy fantasy, superhero movie with great CGI is outrageous. Has to be seen to be believed. Rating: 7.5/10

7. Goodbye Solo – My favorite movie yet by American director Ramin Bahrani. His slice-of-life stories of the urban NE are too real for comfort. Rating: 7.5/10

8. Wolfhound – You take your epic sword-fantasy formula, add some Russian uniqueness provided you turn on the Russian language, and you get a movie striving for that LOTR fanbase with a tenth of the budget. The quality of the very important special effects/CGI is better than a cable movie, but not up to par to LOTR. The rest is just fine. Rating: 7/10

Ouroborous Summer – Best of the Blogs – yum!

August 18, 2009


Dudes and dudettes, if you know any rain men please send them to Austin. I’m sick and tired of watering my yard to no effect. And I’m not talking special needs math wizards.

1. Howling Bells – Nightingale (Limited Time only)
This song is about to be played by radio stations around the world as it is tremendous. Off their sophomore album that boasts a couple other great songs.

2. Major Lazer – Keep it Goin’ Louder
This is also about to invade urban radio stations everywhere.

3. Clark – Talis
Perhaps the most exciting electronic musician working today returns with another album, Totems Flare. This isn’t the best song, but the album as a whole is groundbreaking artistry.

4. Julian Plenti – Only If You Run / Skyscraper
Interpol’s frontman goes solo and the results are astonishing.

5. Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine (Radio Edit)
Boy 8-Bit is maturing out of strictly party music as this sounds exactly as the title suggests.

6. VillA – Agneta
If you like Studio or Balearic this is for you.

7. One for the Team – Garden
Indie-rock gem that will worm its way into your head with its beautifully catchy two choruses. See below.

8. Friendly Fires – Paris (Computer Club’s Aeroplane vs. Au Revoir Simone)
Perfect summer dance jam that gets the girls dancing.

9. Flying Lotus – LTWRMX
Flying Lotus’s newest album is trying to capture those displaced DJ Shadow fans.

10. Vega – No Reasons
Austinite captures some disco magic with good vocals.

11. Wehbba – Cava
A cockroach shuffles under a radiation beam. And you dance to it.

12. IV – Alaska
80’s synths and 10’s beats.

13. Florence and the Machine – Rabbit Heart (Lionheart remix)
A remix for me has to be equal or better than the original. Florence is following in Bat For Lashes’ footsteps.

14. Renaissance Man – Aloha
More masterful minimal techno.

15. Karton – Phoenix
Electro-breaks confection.

Best Song of the Year pt. 4; The Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move

July 29, 2009

I haven’t been able to get into their album, but this song has grown on me exponentially, so I’ll keep trying.

Bite-Size Horror Reviews: The Objective, The Messengers 2, Haunting in Connecticut, The Unborn

July 28, 2009

The ObjectiveThe Haunting in ConnecticutThe Messengers 2: The ScarecrowThe Unborn


Interesting  —  The Objective 

A low budget can’t keep this military-meets-phenomena film from consistently being fascinating. The dialogue and acting is surprisingly well done and it has garnered three cinematography awards. The ending will certainly frustrate some and that’s all I can say without spoiling things. Who can explain the inexplicable?  Rating: 7/10

Eh  —      The Haunting in Connecticut 

The documentary on Discovery channel was very spooky and ‘factual’, but its many dramatizations left much to be desired. Enter this movie version to fulfill that, and it goes seriously overboard. Frenetic editing, ultrastylized shots, and some exaggerated movie magic swamp the realism and creepiness. That being said, there is a rollercoaster ride of fun jump scares and good camerawork to make this enjoyable for most. Kyle Gallner is very good as a young man with cancer, and Elias Koteas as the reverend is always a fascinating watch. I would probably recommend the documentary first. Despite its made-for-tv shortcomings, it has enough testimonials to make your arm hairs stand straight up.    Rating: 5/10

Mediocre —   Messengers 2: The Scarecrow 

The best horror scarecrow film is still Dark Night of the Scarecrow, a 1981 made-for-TV movie that is genuinely scary and hard to find. This is an entirely forgettable, predictable, and derivative effort with not much gore. How many times do we have to see a protagonist fight his sanity that he is or isn’t the antagonist? At least The Messengers was somewhat unpredictable, visually unique, and had Kristen Stewart. With some pretty good acting by Norman Reedus and Claire Holt, this wasn’t bad enough to be a B-movie.     Rating: 4/10

Awful —    The Unborn 

Gary Oldman–we deny you are in this movie. It isn’t really happening. Noooooo.   Rating: 3/10

Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky (Deekline and Tim Healey Remix)

July 15, 2009

A hot tune, some sweet moves, and Kid n’ Play viddies: What more could you want?

The Death of Heroes

July 7, 2009

JAGUARS TITANSmichael_jackson_e51129873

I’m a huge Titans fan and hung my Sunday hopes on a warrior named Steve McNair. I found solace in a displaced team with no stadium that always had a chance with this man. Likewise, Thriller was my first album, and I emulated MJ often in my very young life. I want to thank these men for what they gave. We shared a dream, now scattered, but never totally lost.

July’s 15 Poppers (Best of the Blogs Lazy Summer Edition)

July 6, 2009


“Summer lovin’ happened so fast.” I really hope you are having a CRAZY summer. Feel free to leave stories below. But in the meantime, I’ve managed to focus long enough to bring the best of the best music downloads. Really, I trashed hundreds and hundreds of files to get to this batch. I feel like I’m broadcasting into space, but you are there.

1a. Memory Tapes – Bicycle
Memory Cassette + Weird Tapes = Memory Tapes. Weird Tapes have cracked #1 here before and Memory Cassette lands both top spaces this time. Downtempo pop brilliance.
1b. Memory Cassette – Last One Awake (Friend version)
Two words: steel drums. Lovely beach music.

2. Free Energy – Dream City
An indestructible and charming rock tune.

3. The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki – Warp (Virgin Cavalier mix)
Here beggineth the bangers. If you don’t want to lose your mind on the dancefloor then skip to #7.

4. Zombie Nation – Shottieville (Proxy Remix)
Banger #2.

5. Armand Van Helden and Dizze Rascal – Bonkers (Doorly remix)
Banger #3

6. Felix Cartal – Skeleton (John Roman mix)
Banger #4.

7. Ace Hood – Loco Wit’ the Cake
The funnest rap song of the summer.

8. Chalie Boy – I Look Good
ATX Represent! Austin rapper will have you singing this in public while people think how arrogant you are.

9. Beastie Boys vs. Primal Scream – Check it Out vs. Loaded
Great mash-up that would turn heads as an opener.

10. Zoot Woman – Saturation
The album is apparently so close and this is just hot and sexy.

11. DJ Loveboat feat. Fab Marq – Oh the Bass!
Hot and sexy #2.

12. Simian Mobile Disco – Off the Map feat. Jamie Lidell
Jamie helps SMD craft their best tune yet.

13. Telepathe – Chrome’s On It (Gold Panda version)
Gold Panda have made this song new again and it’s irresistable.

14. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Radio Edit)
Radio and club friendly version that screams 80’s out of every orifice.

15. Milke – Maybe I’m Crazy (Joe and Will Ask Remix)
Infectious and melodic progressive house.

16. Bag Raiders – Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)

NASA – A Volta

June 17, 2009

I’m not crazy over the NASA album with its slew of guest vocalists, but this is one of the better tracks served with an outrageously inventive video. Skip to the end if it gets repetitive.

Che and Dog Eat Dog (Bite-size Reviews)

June 15, 2009


Che (Part 1 and 2) –

Both parts of this total to nearly five hours of educational entertainment. The juxtaposition of the two films is interesting. The revolution works like a dream in the beautiful climes of Cuba, and likewise, part one is a dream of movie. What works in Cuba is a nightmare in the harsh landscape of Bolivia. Part two often feels unnecessarily slow, documentary-like, and plodding, but maybe that’s the point. Anyway, Benecio del Toro is great and delivers his best performance yet. I would say skip part two, but then your ideas of revolution would be skewed. And have fun spotting the Matt Damon cameo. Rating: Part 1 – 9/10;   Part 2 – 6.5/10

Dog Eat Dog (Perro Come Perro) –

I’m tempted to call this the Mexican ‘Reservoir Dogs’ even though it is its own animal. It favors gritty realism over Tarantino’s cheeky flair and sense of humor. The new faces all handle their roles perfectly. This is a pressure-cooker that has absolutely no mercy.   Rating: 8/10

White Lies – Death (Crystal Castles Remix)

June 11, 2009

New video energizes this Crystal Castles remix introduced earlier in the year. I’m putting it back in the playlist.

It’s Official: Mgmt – Kids

June 10, 2009

I sang this in a karaoke bar the other night. Goes to show everyday the earth revolves anew you have a chance. The official great 2009 video to a great song of 2008:

Birdy Nam Nam: The Parachute Ending: Perfection

June 7, 2009

This might be a perfect video for this super track. Wow. Eee.

Damien Walters Takes Flight

June 7, 2009

The Effects of Red Bull, or Pfft, I Can Do That. . .

Best to Worst DVDs of the Month

May 30, 2009

Dante 01Wendy and LucyOutlanderWhat Doesn't Kill YouJust Another Love StoryDetective Story


1. Dante 01 – See review below. Rating: 8.5/10

2. Wendy and Lucy – A human drama that tells a focused story with heart and realism. Michele Williams is great. Rating: 8/10

3. Outlander – One helluva entertaining sci-fi/dragon/Viking pic that makes you wonder how the Weinsteins dropped the ball on making $$ on it in the theaters. Even Ron Perlman has a sick role. Rating: 8/10

4. What Doesn’t Kill You – Wonderful Boston crime drama with great performances by Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke. Based on a true story. Rating: 7.5

5. Just Another Love Story – Superb Danish psychological thriller with unpredictable twists and style to burn. Rating: 7.5

6. Detective Story – A solid Takashi Miike detective horror comedy that just misses being essential. There’s some laugh-out loud moments (happy showers!), sadistic killings, and wonderfully expressive and goofy actors. Miike mostly plays it straight, and the shock factor is nowhere near Ichi, Gozu, or Visitor Q. The movie fizzles out at the end, perhaps due to Miike’s prolific schedule. My advice for him: less movies, more quality! Rating: 7/10

My Bloody ValentineEden Log  —— OK

7. My Bloody Valentine – The only reason to watch this is for the 3-D effects (and some other eye-candy). So you’ll need to go find some glasses at a rental store. It’s a mediocre film otherwise. Make sure you watch it at night on a somewhat big screen to maximize the 3-D experience. It’s the same old 3-D, but it makes for an original and fun evening until your migraine sets in. Rating: 6.5

8. Eden Log – A frustratingly enigmatic industrial sci-fi film with a low budget, minimal dialogue, and not much light. It basically has a similar message as Dante 01 but with an environmental twist. Martyrs composers Seppuku Paradigm return to give this movie an eerie vibe. You’ll be confused until the final ten minutes and most will probably still be confused by the time the credits roll.     Rating: 6/10

Powder BlueS. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale    ———WORST

9. Powder Blue – Noteworthy for Jessica Biel and her bare-it-all performance (hot wax has never looked so appealing). But really, when you have a recent Best Actor winner alongside a noteworthy cast, and it goes straight to DVD; that’s a bad sign. Every character in this movie is either: a.) dying b.) wanting to die c.) already dead or d.) a mortician. So it’s basically the feel-bad movie of the year. And Patrick Swayze and Lisa Kudrow seal the insta-depression deal. Rating:  Ooohh, Blah

10. S. Darko – This sequel to Donnie Darko looks and sounds great, but is as hollow and insignificant as a fortune cookie. It goes back in time to go forward to go nowhere. I think S stands for sorry. Rating: Blecch

Twenty To Kickstart Your Summer — May’s Best of the Blogs

May 26, 2009

(Video to the #1 song on the chart. The last 30 seconds are kinda frightening for such an elegiac song.) Indie-rock rules this time around. There should be a little for everybody’s taste so check out the descriptions and enjoy that suntan.

1. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Bliss. The indie song that captures your future gorgeous day. Can’t wait to hear this sophomore album.

2. Midlake – Roscoe

This sounds like a great, lost easy-rock song from the 70’s with a singer alot like Thom Yorke. The band is actually from Denton, TX.

3. Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

Passion Pit’s best song yet. It proves this band has too much depth to be a one-hit wonder.

4. The xx – Crystalised

Sorta like a cross between Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star. The xx have exploded upon the blog scene.

5. Alex Metric – Head Straight (Radio edit)

A scintillating electro-pop song that would have gotten US radio play in the 80s.

6. Autokratz – Always More

Ditto for this electro-pop gem. The lyrics aren’t as good as Metric’s, but I like the music better.

7. Crookers – Gypsy P

Crookers hijacks some Russian-polka? festivities into 2009 dancefloor/carseat entertainment.

8. Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Spor remix)

Spor absolutely chews you up and spits you out in this drum n’ bass banger. Mosh-dancing ensues.

9. Airys – Vedo in Te (TiTAN un figo Remix)

 TiTAN gives an incredible disco with sax rubdown to Italian electro-poppers the Airys. John Travolta would be proud.

10. Kolombo – LOL (Kolombo Remix)

I’d bet alot of $$$ that this is already blowing up Ibiza as I write this. It ingeneously uses laughter as a type of melody and the breakdowns are truly a hoot.

11. Siriusmo – High Together

Siriusmo continues to stay in the laserlight with this unconventional and spacy electro with a kid doing vocals.

12. Wolf Gang – Lions in Cages

Great arty indie-pop for fans of Passion Pit or My Arcade Fire. Love the bells.

13. Classixx – I’ll Get You feat. Jeppe (Royal Rumble Edit)

Glossy electro for Vegas pool parties, but it works everywhere else too.

14. Heartbreak – We’re Back (Vitalic mix)

Vitalic brings his Eastern Europe techno stylings to these male swooners. File under electro-kraut wave. 

15. Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer

A perfect title for this detuned electro-pop song for that goofy ride to the beach.

16. Peaches – Mommy Complex (Barletta and Ernold Sane Remix)

Super-hot electro-beats that you can practice your breakdancing too.

17. The Kickdrums – When I Come Down

Sounds like a great lost song by Beck. Actually this band is from Ohio and have produced for the likes of 50 Cent and Chamillionaire. 

18. Rusko – Biggest Chopper

This may not sound like much on your computer speakers, but on some big speakers this will make some dub-steppers go crazy.

19. Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Mix)

Everything Punks Jump Up remix turns to gold, and this certainly is the best mix of this indie-electro song.

20. Bounce Camp – Good Beat

A good b-more beat that will make you want to go to Bounce Camp. Fans of ‘Day N’ Nite’ take heed.

Terminator Salvation Review

May 21, 2009



Entertaining action film with wicked, state-of-the-art CGI and cinematography (yes–thank the Director of Photography who was the victim of Bale’s method acting.) And yes, it’s flawed if you really want to overanalyze it. The trailers essentially gave away the structure of the plot. There’s shoddy moments in the acting and script, including some ill-placed references to famous lines of the other films. Bale plays his grumpiest role yet (maybe the thought of another grueling action series wasn’t savory), but his performance is different enough from his Batman role to warrant my admiration. Critics have complained that the movie is too serious and not fun, but what do you expect in an apocalypse with people being hunted by horrific machines? Witty gabs by Scotty have no place here. Alas, the future we got a glimpse of 20+ years ago is here, so strap the seatbelt on and expect some skull crushing.

 Rating: 8/10